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Does your home feature one or more wonderful rugs? Whether you invested in a premium piece or just picked up something that caught your eye at a yard sale, these do a lot more than just make a room look pretty. They can keep your feet warm, protect the flooring underneath, and offer an aesthetically pleasing vibe that ties a room together visually, thereby bringing beauty to an otherwise bland floor.

The Abuse They Take

Rugs are not able to protect themselves. They get subjected to whatever temperature and humidity you allow to be present in your home. People walk all over them every day, possibly smudging them with whatever was on the bottom of their shoes. In addition, pets can wreak havoc on them, whether it’s through rough play or urination. Even a napping pet can leave dander and fur all over the place. Some rugs can just be put in a washing machine, but others need more sophisticated and professional care, which is where we come into the picture.

A Loss Of Vibrancy

Are you noticing that your rugs are losing their vibrancy? If this is the case, it can be due to one factor or a combination of several. Fading over time is certainly one potential culprit. Dye migration is another possibility, as is being heavily soiled. Any of these factors can impact the patina of a rug, which is nothing more than the gradual changes that happen to a rug as time goes by.

Rug Patina

The patina of rug will change largely due to its environmental conditions. You needn’t be alarmed though, because rug changes aren’t always a bad thing. Rugs age a lot like fine wine in that they can actually get more appealing over time. Still, the odds of that happening are much higher when you use experienced professionals of a rug repair company in Westchester, NY.

Light Exposure And Fume Fading

Rug fading can happen thanks to fume fading and light exposure. Sadly, there isn’t much that even the best rug repair company in Westchester, NY can do for restoring this sort of color fading. When a rug that is already faded gets cleaned, then the faded colors are just going to become even more apparent. Still, don’t let this prevent you from calling Rug Cleaning and Repair NY at (855)201-1240 to do a rug cleaning. Failing to clean a rug can mean the soil and dirt accumulation causes even more fading. Your rug can even wear down faster than it would otherwise. Fortunately, we are experts in carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning who can do hand restoration work that brings your rugs back up to the highest possible standards.


If your rugs look dull and dark, then calling our rug repair service in Westchester, NY at (855)201-1240 might be a good idea. Years of soiling might also make a rug look faded, but this particular one is easier to fix. If the condition of the rug isn’t impacted by other various color fading issues, then the rug can be vibrant once more as soon as it’s washed and cleaned.

Bleeding Or Dye Migration

Dye migration, also called bleeding, is another potential coloring issue that your rug might be going through. Pet urine and water damage are both common pollutants that might cause dye migration. Bleeding can be prevented across many different areas of color, resulting in much brighter colors. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our green cleaning solutions and eco-friendly service. We can get pollutants and chemicals out of your rug so it’s safe for people to breathe, kids to play on it, and even pets to nap on it. You’ll also enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that cleaning your rug won’t mean runoff or chemicals winding up in local soil or waterways.

Prevention And Care

Fortunately, there are things you can do to prevent color changes from happening in your rugs. First, keep them out of any direct sunlight. Rotate them every several months. Also, treat any areas impacted by pet urine or water as soon as you possibly can. If your own efforts don’t seem to be enough, call us at (855)201-1240 for free estimates and consultations about our many services. We can examine every rug individually to determine what the specific repair needs might be. We look for color fading, stains, pre-existing damage, and wear and tear, among many other things.


Cleaning the entire rug isn’t the only thing important to the protection of your rug. Maintaining the edges of a rug is important, because if the edges get unraveled or frayed, then the whole body of the rug might start falling apart. If this begins to happen, call us right away at (855)201-1240 to have us take a look and start repairs. The sooner you do this, the cheaper the repairs will be. Also, your beautiful rug will be preserved for much longer. A gorgeous rug can quickly turn into an heirloom or antique piece with considerable market value or just sentimental value as it gets handed down from one generation to the next.

Regular Vacuuming

It’s a good idea to vacuum your rugs regularly. Electric vacuums are great for most rugs. Dirt that is on a rug surface that doesn’t get vacuumed up regularly will eventually get down into the pile where it accumulates, causing more wear and tear. Furthermore, be careful if you have a vacuum that has heater bars or a power brush. They usually work well on a machine-made rugs, but anything handmade might suffer damage to the fringe and pile. If you’re not sure how to care for your rug, it’s just another reason to call our professionals for a consultation.

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Rely on our experts for rug cleaning services in Westchester,NY. Our professional team has extensive experience in rug care. Trust your treasured rugs to us. If you’ve got a rug which needs some care and attention, then call us now for a free estimate. For great rug repair service in Westchester, NY call Rug Cleaning and Repair NY at (855)201-1240.

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