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Tips For Choosing The Right Oriental Rug Cleaning Company in Westchester, NY

If you are a resident of Westchester, New York and you have an oriental rug that needs to be cleaned, you should have this professionally done. These are beautiful rugs, intricately made, and require very specialized cleaning techniques and solutions. The benefit of living in this area of New York is that there are many companies that can accommodate your request. They will use the proper tools and cleaning solutions to clean your rug without causing any damage. Here is how you can find the best oriental rug cleaning company in Westchester, NY that can offer you quality discount services.

How Are Most Oriental Rugs Cleaned?

Unlike a regular rug that you can either throw in your washing machine or use a carpet cleaner on, these require very specialized attention. You will begin by using a standard vacuum, extracting as much particulate material as possible, before you start the cleaning process. You must do this for both sides of the oriental rug, and it should be done outside or in the garage area. Once this is done, you will then get a bucket of soapy water, preferably with a specialized rug shampoo, or you could use mild dish soap. This can be administered using a laundry brush or a sponge. Once you have done both sides, you will need to rinse the rug out thoroughly. Finally, you will need to dry the rug by leaving it outside so it can dry naturally, flipping it over to ensure all of the water evaporates. This is a time-consuming process, better suited for a professional company that specializes in this type of rug cleaning.

Why You Must Use This Specialized Process

One of the reasons that you must be very gentle when working with Oriental rugs is that they are woven. The strands of fibers are going to be made of cotton, silk or wool. If you have a genuine Persian rug, it will be made of wool, and these tend to be very expensive. You can pay thousands of dollars for a Persian rug, and to ensure that it will last, you must perform regular cleaning on it. The problem that most people have is the tedious process that you must go through to clean the rug thoroughly. That’s why contacting a local oriental rug cleaning company in Westchester, NY is the key to getting this done right.

How To Find Businesses That Offer This Service

A quick search on Google for oriental rug cleaning services in Westchester, NY will lead you to one of these companies. You may have to evaluate them by getting quotes from each business. They can provide you with information over the phone, indicating how much it will cost based upon what the rug is made of and how large the rug is. They will also want to know if there are any stains, such as those caused by coffee or grease, that may also increase the price of the cleaning. They may actually send someone out to your location to inspect the rug before giving you a final price. These businesses can be easily found by searching on the web.

Does It Take Long To Clean An Oriental Rug?

It’s not going to take very long at all to clean the entire rug if it is smaller. However, larger more expensive ones will need to be cleaned more carefully. Additionally, if there are stains that have to be removed, this could add an additional hour of time to the cleaning process. It could take you several hours if you did this on your own, or it may take half the time when using one of the oriental rug cleaning companies in Westchester, NY.

How Much Will It Cost To Clean The Rug?

The cost of cleaning the rug can be anywhere from $100 and up. That is usually the minimum that they charge. It is a time-consuming process, and they usually quote you an offer based upon how much they typically earn per hour. Others may charge you for rugs based upon their size. When you receive your quotes back, you can use this information to decide who is giving you the best deal. Always remember to select the company that has the best feedback. If there is one business that is offering good prices, and they have phenomenal feedback from prior customers, this is likely the Oriental rug cleaning business in Westchester, New York that you will want to use.

How Often Should You Have Your Oriental Rug Cleaned?

You should consider cleaning your rug every year if possible. There are some people that will wait several years simply because it is in an area where there is not much traffic at all. If this rug happens to be in your living room or family room, then this should be done annually. It is much less expensive to extend the life of your Oriental rug by cleaning it regularly than purchasing a brand-new one because it is falling apart. This is very important for those that have spent thousands of dollars on authentic wool Persian rugs.

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If you are an owner of a Persian rug or a similar oriental rug, regular cleaning can be very beneficial. By extracting the particular materials that could easily cut or damage the fibers of the rug, it will likely last for years or decades. If it is a Persian rug, start looking for those that specialize in cleaning these rugs with techniques and products that will not damage it at all. You can find oriental rug cleaning companies in Westchester, NY on the Internet within minutes.

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